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The company OU "Vibromera" is engaged in the development and manufacture of various devices for technical diagnostics and dynamic balancing of industrial equipment.


Subject to the rules of consumer transportation, storage and use in the event of failure of the device manufacturer guarantees free appliance repair at his place of manufacture within twelve months from the date of its receipt to the consumer.
Address of the company - manufacturer:

Estonia, Narva linn, Kreenholmi 39v
Phone :+372 56630018


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Device for dynamic balancing of rotors in three and four correction planes

OU "Vibromera" in addition to the currently manufactured devices "Balkom 1" and "Balkom-2" is planning to start in the first quarter 2014 issue of balancing kits "balkom 3" and "4 Balkom."
These new devices are classified as portable equipment and are intended for balancing of rotors in their own bearings, respectively, in three or four correction planes.
If necessary, they can also be used as a stationary measuring system for balancing machines.
As the analysis of the market balancing services, these devices primarily will be needed to balance the composite driveshafts.
The instrument "balkom 3 (4)" includes:
- Meter (similar in design measuring
block device "Balkom-1");
- Three vibration sensor device "beams 3 'or four sensors
vibration device "balkom 4";
- Phase angle sensor;
- Magnetic rack;
- Scales;
- Software for fleshnakopitele;
- Manual;
- Transport case.

12 декабря 2013

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