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The company OU "Vibromera" is engaged in the development and manufacture of various devices for technical diagnostics and dynamic balancing of industrial equipment.


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Special stands for balancing rotors

In some cases, for balancing the rotor arrangements arises the need to use special stands.
These stands are usually designed to balance the particular products or parts. And the main purpose of their creation (of course in addition to achieve the desired quality of balancing) is the need to reduce the costs associated with the acquisition and operation of full-time balancing machines. After all, it is no secret that the cost of this type of equipment is high and, depending on the weight and dimensions of the balanced rotors can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

03 ноября 2014

Some practical approaches to problem solving to reduce fan noise and vibration in their manufacture and use.

Vibration and noise, along with their energy parameters, are some of the most important performance fans, which draws the attention of the consumer in choosing them.
     As is known, the main sources of forced oscillations fans, causing their noise and vibration are:

21 декабря 2013

Device for dynamic balancing of rotors in three and four correction planes

OU "Vibromera" in addition to the currently manufactured devices "Balkom 1" and "Balkom-2" is planning to start in the first quarter 2014 issue of balancing kits "balkom 3" and "4 Balkom."
These new devices are classified as portable equipment and are intended for balancing of rotors in their own bearings, respectively, in three or four correction planes.

12 декабря 2013

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