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The company OU "Vibromera" is engaged in the development and manufacture of various devices for technical diagnostics and dynamic balancing of industrial equipment.


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How to balance

1. Introduction

 Balkom-1 is portable balancer  used to balance rigid rotors in their own bearings (in-situ) or as embedded measuring system in the portable balancing machines. It provide on-situ (field) single- and two-plane dynamic balancing services for fans, grinding wheels, spindles, crushers, pumps and other rotating machinery.  Balancing  software  provides the correct balancing solution for single-plane and two-plane balancing automatically. 
 Balkom-1 is simple to use for non-vibration experts.
15 апреля 2015

Recommendations for balancing

П.1.1. Rotor balancing in one and two planes of correction.
The quantity of balancing planes is defined with design features of a rotor of the balanced mechanism.

Balancing in one plane ("static") is usually carried out for the narrow disk-shaped rotors with no essential axial beats.
Typical examples of rotors of this class are:

  • narrow grinding wheels;
  • pulleys of belt drives;
  • disk flywheels;
  • cogwheels;
  • couplings;
  • tightening cartridges of lathes;
  • narrow fans, etc.
17 января 2015

9 tons weighing balancing

With the help of the device Balkom-1 was the shaft is balanced weighing 9 tons.
He jumped to resonate at 900 RPM.

balanced weighing 9 tons

13 февраля 2014

Balancing fluid coupling

The cold weather ... Outside warm car minus two and fluid coupling that must be balanced.
balancing fluid coupling

This time we were lucky ...

26 ноября 2013

Balancing the impeller

Balancing the impeller 240mm.

Before balancing:
1 plane 11,8 mm/sec
2 plane 54,5 mm/sec

after balancing
1 plane 1 1.62 mm / sec
2 plane 0,408 mm / sec

26 октября 2013

Balancing machine for grinding skis

Today, over balancing drum sander for skis.

Balancing was successful, but unfortunately apart from the drum ...

05 сентября 2013

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