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The company OU "Vibromera" is engaged in the development and manufacture of various devices for technical diagnostics and dynamic balancing of industrial equipment.
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Balancing Mulchers, Combines and Harvesters

This article emphasizes the critical importance of dynamic balancing in the maintenance of rotating machinery, particularly focusing on agricultural equipment like mulchers. It outlines the negative consequences of imbalance, such as accelerated wear and tear and harmful vibrations. The piece also details the range of equipment that can be balanced and underscores the necessity of preliminary repair work before balancing. Utilizing tools like the Balanset-1A for accurate measurement and adherence to international standards, the article concludes that balancing is not just a routine task but a crucial operation that impacts the longevity and efficiency of machinery.

07 сентября 2023

How to balance

1. Introduction

 Balkom-1 is portable balancer  used to balance rigid rotors in their own bearings (in-situ) or as embedded measuring system in the portable balancing machines. It provide on-situ (field) single- and two-plane dynamic balancing services for fans, grinding wheels, spindles, crushers, pumps and other rotating machinery.  Balancing  software  provides the correct balancing solution for single-plane and two-plane balancing automatically. 
 Balkom-1 is simple to use for non-vibration experts.
15 апреля 2015

9 tons weighing balancing

With the help of the device Balkom-1 was the shaft is balanced weighing 9 tons.
He jumped to resonate at 900 RPM.

balanced weighing 9 tons

13 февраля 2014

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